Fluffy Cracked Wheat Idlis

February 26th, 2013 Madhuram Posted in Idli, Low Fat Meals, Vegan Breakfast, Vegan Meals 6 Comments »

Cracked Wheat Idlis[wm_watermark src="http://www.vegcorner.com/images/tiffin/cracked-wheat-idlis.jpg"]

It’s been a while since I prepared idlis using idli rava. For those who are not aware of idli rava, it is finely cracked boiled rice. It’s available in almost all Indian grocery stores in Canada and USA. This idli rava with urad dal is used to prepare idli batter instead of the traditional method of soaking boiled rice, raw white rice and urad dal. You still have to ferment the batter but it’s less work because you don’t have to grind the rice. I have used this method to prepare the batter for these colorful cocktail idlis.

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Flu-Fighter Garlic Soup

January 28th, 2013 Madhuram Posted in Gluten Free Recipes, Low Fat Meals, One-Dish Recipes, Soup Recipes, Vegan Soups 3 Comments »

Flu-Fighting Garlic Soup

It’s that time of the year where almost everybody is sniffling and can be seen with a tissue box. Meat eaters have their chicken soup as a magic potion to feel better and comfort themselves. So what’s the option for us vegetarians in times like this? The answer is “stinking rose” aka immune booster garlic. Include it in your diet as much as possible to not only fight this year’s flu, but also because, it is an antioxidant, keeps your blood pressure under check, lowers cholesterol, slows down the progress of cancerous cell growth to mention just a few. I always make it a point to include a lot of garlic especially in my soup recipes, so I was thrilled to see a soup recipe which actually highlights its flavor and benefits.

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Super Soft Sponge Dosa

January 9th, 2012 Madhuram Posted in Cooking For Kids, Dosa, Gluten Free Recipes, Low Fat Meals, Vegan Breakfast 11 Comments »

Pumpkin Dosa Recipe

As much as I would love to have soups and salads everyday and limit carbs from rice and other grains, being the true South Indian I am, I cannot simply stop preparing dosas, idlis and other dishes I have been eating all these years. It’s not just food we are talking about. It’s more than that. We are passing our heritage, custom and rituals to our children through food. So I’m very happy that my son loves Indian food as much as he enjoys his pizzas and pastas. But I do have to agree that sometimes it can be boring to eat the same, plain dosa and idli each and every time. So that’s when we have to unleash our creativity to make our meals interesting.

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