Vibrant Vegetable Stir-Fry

Vegetable Stir-Fry

Are you like me, who eats with your eyes first? Then this vibrant vegetable stir-fry recipe is for you. Just like the colorful Jicama salad, this stir-fry not only looks amazing with all those lovely colorful vegetables, but tastes great too. I make this one-dish recipe quite often. My kids love it too. I usually make a big batch of this either in the morning for my breakfast and my son’s lunch or in the night for our dinner and his lunch for the next day. I usually just have the vegetables, but do mix in some cooked Quinoa/Brown Rice/Whole wheat pasta for the kids’ meal. If I plan to make it for breakfast, I prep the vegetables the previous night itself to save time in the morning.

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Fluffy Cracked Wheat Idlis

Cracked Wheat Idlis

It’s been a while since I prepared idlis using idli rava. For those who are not aware of idli rava, it is finely cracked boiled rice. It’s available in almost all Indian grocery stores in Canada and USA. This idli rava with urad dal is used to prepare idli batter instead of the traditional method of soaking boiled rice, raw white rice and urad dal. You still have to ferment the batter but it’s less work because you don’t have to grind the rice. I have used this method to prepare the batter for these colorful cocktail idlis.

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