Easy Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe


Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe

Just like the previous brown rice burrito recipe, this also is a no-recipe type of recipe which is very easy to put together, yet nutritious and filling. Of course, kids approved too! Otherwise it won’t get on the Kids’ Lunch Box Ideas series.

Brown Rice Burrito Bowl


Brown Rice Burrito Bowl

It’s the beginning of a new school year and it’s time to start wondering what to pack for lunch.

Easy Potato Halwa Recipe


Potato Halwa

Potato Halwa: Wow! It’s been almost two years since I posted anything here and that changes from today. I hope so 😉 Since it has been a long time, I thought I will mark this new beginning with a sweet recipe, potato halwa. I know it’s not a health conscious recipe like the other recipes I blog in this space, but I think it’s ok for a girl to give in to her sugar cravings once in a while. So excuse me.



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