Vegan Orange Green Smoothie


Vegan Orange Green Smoothie

Vegan Orange Green Smoothie: Before going into this orange green smoothie recipe, let me share with you all a brief history behind this recipe and many more to follow here in future. Recently a couple of things happened one after the other or rather simultaneously and now I’m in the mindset to try a lot of recipes from Joel Furhman’s cookbook Eat to Live.

Brown Basmati Rice and Okra Dosa


Brown Rice Okra Dosa

Brown Rice Okra Dosa: Being the true South Indian that I am it is no surprise that I love dosa more than any other dish that our rich cuisine has contributed to the culinary world.

Easy Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe


Vegetarian Pasta Salad Recipe

Just like the previous brown rice burrito recipe, this also is a no-recipe type of recipe which is very easy to put together, yet nutritious and filling. Of course, kids approved too! Otherwise it won’t get on the Kids’ Lunch Box Ideas series.



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