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I’m Madhuram, author of EgglessCooking.com. Why another food blog when I already have one? Over the past couple of months I have been receiving emails from some of the regular visitors of EgglessCooking.com, asking me why I have restricted to baking recipes and not posting other vegetarian cooking recipes anymore. Some were even kind enough to mention that they have tried a couple of vegetarian dishes from that blog and got praises from friends and family and requested me to keep posting interesting and healthy vegetarian recipes like that. This made me thinking.

I started EgglessCooking.com to create a database of egg free baking recipes. At that period of time I was new to baking. I had just tried one egg free baking recipe. I was not sure if I would be baking often and posting baking recipes frequently. I was just going to update links for eggless baking recipes from other food blogs and websites. To keep the blog active, I started posting regular cooking recipes too. Now almost nearing the 2nd anniversary of EgglessCooking.com, I have baked a lot, more than I ever thought of. That blog is now being followed by parents of kids with egg allergies, vegetarians, vegans and in general by people who are interested in egg free baking. As I did not want to divert their attention by posting other cooking recipes, I have gradually limited to post only eggless baking recipes there. So in future too, EgglessCooking.com would be featuring egg free and vegan baking recipes as usual and also egg free version of other cooking recipes which originally uses eggs.

That being said, now I feel the need to start another food blog to share other interesting vegetarian and vegan recipes I cook in my kitchen. Some of them may be familiar and some totally new. The vegetarian and vegan recipes I intend to share here would be mostly healthy but not sacrificing on taste. Don’t worry though, there will be place for some sinful indulgences too. Hope you will like what you are about to see here.

Welcome to vegcorner.com!

P.S: The tag line of this blog is, “It’s veg*n friendly”. Veg*n denotes vegetarian and vegan.


  1. hi Madhuram,
    love the look of your new site 🙂 and yeah, it does help to keep the baking and non-baking recipes separate, so that readers can zoom in to either one, depending on which kind they want. (having said that, i admire you for running two blogs – complete with full recipes, notes and photos – when i find just one to be hard work at times!) anyways, congratulations on your new site – im sure many foodies out there will benefit from it immensely 🙂

    Yamini, thank you. My husband helps a lot with pictures and other stuff.

  2. Hi Madhuram,
    All the best for your new venture. As far as interesting writing goes, you need not worry as your recipes speak louder than the words !

    That’s so nice of you Sanjeeta.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. I love cooking. What I really like about this website is more healthy dishes. Planning to try this Brown Rice Dosa..sounds delicious..will write to u once I try tasting it.Plz keep posting more recipe with Oats and Barley too. Thank you.


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