Scintillating Spinach Smoothie


Spinach Smoothie Recipe

How many of you feel that you don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast? Are you bored of having the same old cereal, bread toast and orange juice in the morning? Wish you could makeover your breakfast routine? Then the answer is green smoothies! I know what you are thinking. “Oh! green smoothies, that’s not my kind of thing. It’s not for normal people. I’m not such a raw food junkie”. I too was very hesitant at first but after trying few recipes, I have really started liking the concept. To me the key is “taste”. As odd as it may sound to blend a few greens and fruits together to make a supposedly healthy concoction, once you like the taste, it doesn’t feel weird anymore. You will start wondering how come you missed such an amazing, interesting, tasty and easy way to consume greens all these days. Not only that you will start trying recipe after recipe and each time you will be surprised how good it is.

Super Soft Sponge Dosa


Pumpkin Dosa Recipe

As much as I would love to have soups and salads everyday and limit carbs from rice and other grains, being the true South Indian I am, I cannot simply stop preparing dosas, idlis and other dishes I have been eating all these years. It’s not just food we are talking about. It’s more than that. We are passing our heritage, custom and rituals to our children through food. So I’m very happy that my son loves Indian food as much as he enjoys his pizzas and pastas. But I do have to agree that sometimes it can be boring to eat the same, plain dosa and idli each and every time. So that’s when we have to unleash our creativity to make our meals interesting.

Tangy Tomato Soup


Tomato Soup Recipe

Happy New Year dear friends! I guess all of you have made your resolutions. Wishing you all the very best to keep up with them to achieve your goals. I would like to kick start a soup recipes series with this tangy tomato soup recipe. I have been trying a variety of soup recipes over the past one month. Most of them turned out very good. I will be sharing the best among those in the following days.



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