Brown Rice Idlis


Brown Rice Idlis

For an “idli-hater” that I was it is a big surprise to me that I’m trying so many types of idlis. Over the past couple of months I have been affected with “whole grain fever” and this has made me to include whole grains in almost all the dishes I cook. I’m going to blame a lot of food blogs for this condition of mine. This includes DK, Usha, Priya just to mention a few.

Ragi Poori (Finger Millet Bread)


Ragi Poori

Like many babies born in India, my first solid food too was ragi/finger millet porridge thinned with milk. I think most of you would know this already; it is sprouted ragi, sun dried and powdered along with pottukadalai (split chana dal) and with or without almonds and other nuts. My connection with ragi stopped there and I did not eat anything made with ragi or ragi flour for the next 23-24 years. After moving to US, I saw ragi flour in the Indian grocery stores and bought one packet out of curiosity without knowing what to do with it.

Beetroot Thayir Pachadi


Beet Recipe: Thayir Pachadi

Growing up beets was never my favorite vegetable. I don’t know if it was not bought because I did not like it or I did not develop a liking for beets because it was not cooked regularly in our house. Now I’m bringing beets quite often especially once my son started solid foods. He is 4 now and I try to feed him beets directly as well as sneak it in his favorite meals.



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