Brown Rice and Split Peas Adai


Brown Rice Chickpeas Adai

Adais are similar to that of dosais (or dosa more popularly) in shape and method of preparation. The only difference being that adais are almost instant in the sense, fermentation of the batter is not necessary. Simply put adais are nothing but a batter made with a combination of rice and lentils, thinly spread over a pan like crepes. So the varieties are limitless. One can mix and match the various types of rice and lentils to prepare healthy adais each and every time.

Whole Cornmeal Idlis


Whole cornmeal Idlis

Idlis and Dosais (Dosas) are staple in all South Indian families. If you have the batter ready, you can prepare a variety of healthy and tasty meals in no time. I personally feel that to get perfect idlis the idli recipe has to be perfect and more importantly the urad dal has to be ground as smooth as possible. Getting the idli batter right is the key.

Oats Sweet Pongal


Sweet Pongal

This is my first post in, so I thought I would start with a sweet recipe. This sweet pongal recipe made with oats is from my mother. Earlier she had tried the savory pongal (ven pongal) with oats and since then I too make it quite often. It’s a quick fix, healthy meal. Recently she tried the sweet pongal (chakkarai pongal) too using quick cooking oats and told me that it tasted very good and was received well by her friends at work. So I too tried it and we all like it very much as well.



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