Protein-Rich Pearl Millet Dosa


pearl millet dosa

I try to incorporate different types of millet in our diet quite often. The one which we get here a lot and I use regularly is pearl millet (bajra in Hindi, kambu in Tamil) and finger millet (Nachini or Ragi in both Hindi and Tamil).

Delicious Zucchini Kheer


Zucchini Kheer

Carrot kheer or payasam was first introduced to me by my grandmother. I don’t know from where she learned it. That became a huge hit in our home and she used to make it for almost all special occasions. I too was making it quite often when I started cooking after marriage.

Steamed Green Beans


Steamed Beans Salad

Steamed beans is one of the dishes that I prepare quite often. It’s our family favorite. Yes you heard it right. Even the kids LOVE it! It is very easy to put together, tasty and of course healthy. So no wonder it has become a regular dish in our house. We get the thin French beans in plastic bag from Costco. It’s very easy to cook. Just have to throw it in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes and it’s ready.



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